Friday, October 29, 2010

Been a while

Life gets in the way it seems but the past few months have been interesting to say the least.
Back in September I was elected Secretary of the Yacht Club so I have been busy busy busy.
And my fella has decided I need to be able to sail his beloved boat as well as he does - considering he has been sailing for 40 years I so I have a LONG way to go but I am loving it!!
Not much artwork done that I can share but I am still doodling and the journals are filling with ideas just to find the time to carry some of them out is the issue!
However as my brother pointed out recently I can say I am an award winning photographer
I entered a shot I took on a local website and won a box of Corona's ( I dont drink beer) and a ticket to rocket down a hill inside a big plastic ball (given to a friend's son for his birthday) but it was nice to be recognised.
A no brainer really, a beautiful boat against a spectacular sunset

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