Friday, October 29, 2010

Been a while

Life gets in the way it seems but the past few months have been interesting to say the least.
Back in September I was elected Secretary of the Yacht Club so I have been busy busy busy.
And my fella has decided I need to be able to sail his beloved boat as well as he does - considering he has been sailing for 40 years I so I have a LONG way to go but I am loving it!!
Not much artwork done that I can share but I am still doodling and the journals are filling with ideas just to find the time to carry some of them out is the issue!
However as my brother pointed out recently I can say I am an award winning photographer
I entered a shot I took on a local website and won a box of Corona's ( I dont drink beer) and a ticket to rocket down a hill inside a big plastic ball (given to a friend's son for his birthday) but it was nice to be recognised.
A no brainer really, a beautiful boat against a spectacular sunset

Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Green Are They?

F!! UGLY shopping bags that I loathe

Not very it seems.  The so called 'Green' bags are made of non-woven polypropylene. Which according to a CSIRO scientist while they are designed for a long life they are not designed to break down in the compost heap. 
Polypropylene is a byproduct of oil refining.  Produced during the process is propylene gas, which, when put into a reactor, becomes propylene powder. After stabilisers are mixed with the powder, it is placed in an extruder, which produces propylene pellets, which can then be turned into a range of things including car bumper bars and food containers. If the pellets are melted, they can be made into a fibre which can then be made into bags.  Brrr sounds so good for the environment!
The same scientist says  the green bag's only environmental credential is that it is not the single-use high-density polyethylene plastic bag still given out in shops and supermarkets.
Not only that they are F!! UGLY!!

The so called bio degradeable plastic bags aren't a lot better.  Most of them cost more to make. While some biodegradable bags break down into simple molecules such as carbon dioxide and water, others break down into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. Some biodegradable bags can persist in marine environments for up to six months, and if swallowed will still harm or kill wildlife, including small baby reef turtles.

ABC science feature

I did the right thing when the green bags appeared and bought a couple but I always wondered why I forgot them, gave them away on the slightest pretext or 'lost' them.  I worked it out after I saw the new 'funkier' colours that some retailers began to use to market their 'green' cred.  They offend me as a fibre artist because they are not a fibre, they are just another form of plastic and truly ugly. I know they are practical (and for most peope acceptable) but not to me.
 Not only that but we now PAY for the privilege of advertising for the big supermarket chains by carrying these bags around!  I know I know that we used to advertise them on the old printed plastic bags but have you noticed now the chains are still supplying plastic bags for free but with NO advertising on them except maybe the legend of being bio degradable?  They know plastic bags are just wrong and when the stories about wildlife being damaged by them having a recognisable logo on a bag would be horribly damaging. 
A sewing session today will solve my problems with F!!UGLY shopping bags.  Then I will decorate them with paint and other bits and pieces so that they make me smile.   I will use a stash of calico I have had for a while and some recycled bits and pieces and maybe some paint and the like ANYTHING but that wretched un tactile ugly polypropylene!!

Who wants to join me?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Clipper Cup finito

Photos by Jane Gwilliams (using my camera)

Groove just as we ran them down
Skullduggery with the pink kite was the eventual series winner.

Now back to real life even if totally exhausted lol.
Saturday's first race was shortened due to lack of wind and we came in over the line in fourth position - the second race was around the buoy's off Four Mile Beach which would have been an absolute picture for spectators with all the kites flying.  Disappointing 8th in that one because there was just  not enough wind to move Ice effectively as she is so light she doesn't have much momentum. 
I didn't take any pictures on Sunday's two island race because it was just too hairy.  After some argy bargy at the start (thankfully not involving us) we got a good start but found the kite was just overpowering us too much - there is a rather spectacular picture of our broach doing the rounds and we were shaken a bit but settled down and finished fifth over the line after rounding Snapper in 9th position.  The testosterone laden start caused two boats to bump and later one of them suffered a potentially very dangerous shroud failure but Campbell got his sails down quickly enough to avoid losing his mast. I heard an almighty bang as we followed Jimmie Blacksmith around the back of Snapper and glanced away for a second then realised that Campbell was in trouble. Thankfully no-one was hurt and the boat got back relatively in one piece although Campbell is up for a new mast.  VERY expensive sport.
Last night I sailed on Samantha who has featured here before with Shaun and Andrina and we had a lovely tranquil night sail.  When I get hold of the pics of us broaching I will post them

Friday, May 28, 2010

And we're racing!!

From the top:
Garry, Ken and Mick and the oh so serious racing......
Leaving the Commodore and Campbell in our wake after muffing the start
and the winner on handicap- Gus and the J!

My second experience of racing was fun, originally the course was supposed to be out to Snapper Island and across to Low and back to start but the wind was Shite according to the sailors aboard.  Then we muffed the start but once the famous Code Zero was up we began to fly!
on line we came in fifth on handicap we came in fourth and it was only seconds between boats on handicap!!
We crossed the line last but soon passed four boats but the leading pack we didnt quite catch although we certainly closed the gap- well except for that bloody Nacre of Mal's which finished an hour before the next boat LOL
I am getting this!!
and I didnt even  mind not getting to see my quilts in situ at the Airing of the Quilts! next year maybe

Friday, May 21, 2010

Big couple of weeks

Carnivale starts tonight in Port Douglas and I am sailing on the weekend in the Clipper Cup after experiencing my first race last Sunday!

Helen and Mick have invited me to sail on Ice with them in the past and realised I was keen to learn more.
Mick sailed Ice down to Yorkey's last Saturday with Garry and Ken and Helen and I drove down and sailed back with them to Port on Sunday.
We had a knockdown because the kite got an override and couldnt be eased quick enough to prevent us hitting the water. I got a close up view of Ice's new antifoul paint job as it happened but we survived.
We won the wine glass award and bent the spinnaker pole but it was fun
I got a bit more sun than I would like because I wore a cap so I have to set up my boring old sun hat and needed a good luck charm to I made another butterfly LOL
Ice is the lovely blue yacht above, a pic of my butterfly luck charm and a pic taken during last week's race.
Here's hoping!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some sailing and sunsets

Passing Freda!!

this week after stitching my fingers to the bone
Various pics of Freda and the spectacular sky last Wednesday
life is tough
all quilts delivered and hanging next weekend-pics when I get them back

Thursday, April 29, 2010